Eva Voraberger (Austria) vs.Eileen Olszewski (USA)

Vienna (Austria) October 22nd 2016: GBU/WIBF World title 52,16 kg / 115 lbs Eva Voraberger (Austria) vs.Eileen Olszewski (USA) It was perhaps the best fight in Eva Voraberger’s career. Eileen Olszewski did not make clear hits while Voraberger was able to land combinations again and again. “Golden Baby” Eva Voraberger won in a spectacular fight […]

Uensal Arik (Ger) vs. Milos Janjanin (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

GBU world title 69,85 kg / 154 lbs Both boxers had a very strong start with good combinations. Arik had a good technique and dictated the fight. Round 2 the same situation, Arik controlled the fight. In round 3, (52 sec) Arik won by knockout with a good right hook. New Champion: Uensal Arik

Susi Kentikian (Ger) vs. Nevenka Mikulic (Croatia)

Hamburg (Germany)  WIBF/GBU world title 50,8 kg / 112 lb. In this fight Kentikian fought against a very good opponent. Kentikian led the fight but Mikulic fights all 10 rounds very hard and made very good attacks to the body and head of Kentikian. But Kentikian won all rounds close in front and won by […]

Giovanni De Carolis (Italy) vs. Tyron Zeuge (Ger)

GBU world title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs The GBU is very thankful for this great fight to Sauerland Promotion. The spectators saw a fight full of action and technology of two world-class boxers. It was punched at a high level. At the end it was a majority draw for the old and new world champion: […]

Aro Schwartz (Ger) vs. Alexander Kuva (Serbia)

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GBU Continental European title 72,57 kg / 160 lbs Aro Schwartz (Ger) vs. Alexander Kuva (Serbia) A very good match of two boxers with variation of combinations and good  punches. The leader of this battle was Aro Schwartz. He wins in round 4 1:15 with TKO and defended his GBU middleweight title. All fights with […]

Senad Gashi (Kosovo) vs. Marino Goles (Croatia)

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GBU World-title over 90,72kg / over 200 lbs Senad Gashi (Kosovo) vs. Marino Goles (Croatia) Goshi showed from the beginning who is the king in the ring. Combinations of uppercut from Gashi,  Goles down in 1st round  with broken ribs. Winner TKO round 1: Senad Gashi


Nikki Adler (Ger) W UD vs. Mery Rancier (DomRep) 

GBU/WIBF World title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs 

March 11th 2017 in Ludwigshafen (Ger) 


Tyron Zeuge (Ger) W TD vs. Isaac Ekpo (Nigeria) 

GBU world title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs 

March 25th 2017 in Potdam (Ger) 


Deniz Ilbay (Ger) W UD vs. Angelo Frank (Ger) 

GBU world title 66,68 kg / 147 lbs 

March 25th 2017 in Potdam (Ger) 


Alicia M. Kummer (Ger) W UD vs. Timea Belik (Hungary) 

GBU/WIBF World title 63,50 kg / 140 lbs 

April 29th 2017 in Hamburg (Ger)