Marek Jedrzejewski (Ger) vs. Manuel Buchheit (Austria)

November 5th 2016: GBU Continental title 58,97 kg / 130 lbs  Marek Jedrzejewski (Ger) vs. Manuel Buchheit (Austria)  Jedrzeyevsky took advantage of his range advantage from the first second. He hit fast, precise hands and made it very hard for Manuel Buchheit.  In the last rounds covered Buchheit with Jedrzejewskileft-right combinations to the head who hit […]

Deniz Ilbay (Ger) VS Anzor Gamgebeli (Geo)

GBU World title 66,68 kg / 147  Deniz Ilbay (Ger) vs. Anzor Gamgebeli (Georgia)  A very strong battle of Deniz Ilbay. Perfect technique in all variations. The 21-year-old Deniz Ilbay secured a second-round knockout against Anzor Gamgebeli.  New GBU welterweight world champion: Deniz Ilbay 


 GBU World title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs Giovanni De Carolis (Italy) vs Tyron Zeuge (Ger)  One of the best fights this year. In the first five rounds, De Carolis lay in front with very good combinations. From round 6 onwards, Tyron Zeuge decided more and more the fight.  In Round 12 Tyron Zeuge landed a large […]

Maja Wyoming (Serbia) vs. Grecia Nova (DomRep)

 Karlsruhe (Germany) October 29th 2016:  WIBF Interim-world title 63,50 kg / 140 lbs  Maja Wyoming (Serbia) vs. Grecia Nova (DomRep)  In a very close fight Maja Wyoming won by points.

Eva Voraberger (Austria) vs.Eileen Olszewski (USA)

Vienna (Austria) October 22nd 2016: GBU/WIBF World title 52,16 kg / 115 lbs Eva Voraberger (Austria) vs.Eileen Olszewski (USA) It was perhaps the best fight in Eva Voraberger’s career. Eileen Olszewski did not make clear hits while Voraberger was able to land combinations again and again. “Golden Baby” Eva Voraberger won in a spectacular fight […]

Uensal Arik (Ger) vs. Milos Janjanin (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

GBU world title 69,85 kg / 154 lbs Both boxers had a very strong start with good combinations. Arik had a good technique and dictated the fight. Round 2 the same situation, Arik controlled the fight. In round 3, (52 sec) Arik won by knockout with a good right hook. New Champion: Uensal Arik


Nikki Adler (Ger) W UD vs. Mery Rancier (DomRep)
GBU/WIBF World title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs
March 11th 2017 in Ludwigshafen (Ger)


Tyron Zeuge (Ger) W TD vs. Isaac Ekpo (Nigeria)
GBU world title 76,20 kg / 168 lbs
March 25th 2017 in Potdam (Ger)

Deniz Ilbay (Ger) W UD vs. Angelo Frank (Ger)
GBU world title 66,68 kg / 147 lbs
March 25th 2017 in Potdam (Ger)

Alicia M. Kummer (Ger) W UD vs. Timea Belik (Hungary)
GBU/WIBF World title 63,50 kg / 140 lbs
April 29th 2017 in Hamburg (Ger)

Kallia Kourouni (Greece) W UD vs .Grecia Novas (DomRep)
GBU/WIBF World title 58,97 kg / 130 lbs
May 13th 2017 in Karlsruhe (Ger)

Patrick Rokohl (Ger) W KO vs. Teemu Tuominen (Fin)
GBU world title 79,38 kg / 175 lbs
May 27th 2017 in Wolfenbüttel (Ger)

Aron Molli (Switzerland) W KO vs. Adil Rusidi
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
GBU Continental title over 90,72kg / over 200 lbs
June 23rd 2017 in Prijedor (Bosnia a.Herzegovina)

Nicole Wesner (Austria) W UD vs. Hasna Tukic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
GBU/WIBF World title 61,24 kg / 135 lbs
July 8th 2017 in Ludwigshafen (Ger)